Masculine Mescaline



A London 'wide boy' alcoholic is forced to face his responsibilities by a 'heavenly' messenger.


"A short film that delivers in the 24 minute running time what most films fail to in 100 minutes. If anyone gets a chance to see this, make sure you don't miss it. A film that makes you think and feel."
Peter Holland, The Observer

"First up in tonight's roster of short films about the road to redemptions is Director Gary Love's exacting portrait of young city life, with the King's Road as backdrop. Two best friends, Neil Stuke from 'Game On' and 'Trainspotting's' Ewan Bremner, fall out at the birthday party of a girlfriend (Emily Lloyd). Stuke's obnoxious aggression is replaced with fear when he wakes up the next morning to be confronted by an ethereally long-heared John Thaw - wonderful as ever - having misplaced his car. An excellent and darkly haunting peice which makes the most of its bright line-up."
Othman Muklis, Time Out


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