On England's mean streets, two very different law enforcement officers, Detectives Rosie McManus and Vivien Friend, head up the Metropolitan Police's Special Crimes Unit, solving the most brutal crimes with vastly different approaches. Rosie works primarily on her hunches and gut instincts, while Vivien is a maven for clues and accurate details. As a unit, they clash at times, but consistently compliment one another as well in their ongoing efforts to uncover the truth behind the crime, no matter how large or small the case.


"Loved this show. The first two episodes were exciting and dynamic. The scripting was dense and the visual style was edgy and modern. Overall it was well directed and had great performances. It reminded me a lot of the really exciting shows like Boomtown and The Shield that are coming out of USA and a little bit of the excellent Homicide Life on the Street. Definitely watching the rest."
M. Right, Metro

"It's filmed in such a way that you really feel you are following the action with the team, and the angles and tricks used give you none of the feeling of "it's all acting" that you get in some equivalent US dramas."
H.D Beach, Variety

"This series comes from the people behind the hit show the bill but unlike the bill this series is rather exiting from the fist case, the metropolitan police investigate cases from suspected ritual sacrifice incest and more and each case is as involved as the last this is a series to watch even if you don't like the bill its different even although its based around Sunhill the two lead female characters put in a fine performance and like CSI not every case is as simple as it first looks a worthy successor to the bill i only with there were more series out."
Valley John - Love Film


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