Nan & Me


Nan loves her grandson Perry, Perry adores his Nan. 

Born and bred within earshot of Bow bells, Nan’s 84, and her memory is not getting any better! Perry, 6ft5ins and 22 stone, a hulking giant, is mentally challenged. Since Nan’s stroke, her daughter and Perry’s Auntie Janine, 60ish, big breasted no-nonsense kind working class mum has been looking after the pair of them morning, noon and night although she’s desperate to get back to her own life in Leigh-on-sea.

When Auntie Janine decides to go on a long overdue holiday, she lets her daughter Denise, 35’sh and even bigger breasted who takes all the benefits she can lay her hands on, take charge. But Denise with all her ailments has a heart attack and dies on the toilet, lying undiscovered in her council flat. Leaving Perry and Nan “Home Alone” and left to their own quirky devices.

With a family secret buried deep Nan needs an answer to a question, a burning question that can only be asked when Janine and Denise are not around. Perry witnessed something all those years ago and Nan needs to hear it from his mouth, without Janine and Denise around. She’s been wanting to hear about it for 25 years but the only person holding the key to the information is Perry. And he shouldn’t be challenged because “he’s not well”. He witnessed something all those years ago. Something no young person should see. 

Perry has no idea he has the torrid truth locked inside but as Nan mentally pushes, pulls and teases it out of him, slowly but surely the “thick black curtain” that’s been hiding the secret starts to lift and shift.  And whilst this has the ability to shake his fragile life, it also has the benefit of helping him understand the pain and confusion of the past. Nan wants to die knowing the truth, whilst Perry has to live knowing the truth.

It’s a true account of a funny yet tragic family encounter told through the eyes of the old and young. The cockneys are in the eye of a storm, but when the clouds dispel, the sky is bluer than they could ever have imagined.

In production 2017