Undercover is a high octane dark thriller beginning and ending with the final devastating car journey of detective Al ‘Prinze’. Twenty years ago Prinze started out with a clear idea of who and what he was…of who and what he wanted. But the force hasn’t been the home that he craved as a young hopeful. After fifteen years of working deep undercover, having spent so much time with grasses, pimps and drug dealers ‘Prinze’ can barely remember his own name. His three mobile phones ring constantly. His personal relationship is a mess. His only sex life is fueled by drink and drugs. Everyone wants a piece of the action… or a piece of him.

Urged by his peers to lie and cheat, just like the liars and cheats he incarcerates, he deteriorates into an unknown quagmire.  After an intense tug of war between the Drug squad and the DEA, Prinze busts a major Mexican drug cartel, then they in turn put a contract out on him …if he dies so does the evidence and case against them…but how did they get his real name? How do they know where to find him? Prinze can trust no one.

In production October 2017